[ARTICLE]: Flagship Penn hospital to get $86 million, the sixth-highest payout nationally, in Medicare drug settlement.

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is in line to receive $86 million from the government under a legal settlement resolving cuts made to a national drug discount program designed to strengthen safety-net hospitals. The amount for Penn’s flagship hospital in University City amounts to the sixth-largest payout to any hospital in the nation, and accounts for the bulk of the $129.2 million coming to the University of Pennsylvania Health System, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services…. [click link for full article]

Quote from Marc Hixson, COEUS CEO:
“‘The widespread abuse has led to an environment where they feel they need to push back before it gets further out of control,’ said Marc Hixson, CEO of Coeus, a Devon consulting firm with clients in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Hixson and other experts said the law governing 340B allowed for loose regulation and little transparency. Hospitals can get the discount for practically any patient, regardless of their financial need, and they don’t have to pass the discount on to patients.”