Darrin Carpenter

VP of Business Development & Organizational Effectiveness

Darrin Carpenter is the Vice President of Business Development & Organizational 
Effectiveness at COEUS. He plays a crucial role in driving the company’s business development strategy and sales success while also advancing operational efficiency. His efforts are fundamental in shaping and executing COEUS’ long-term revenue growth objectives, ensuring that sales and client engagement teams have the necessary resources to thrive. In addition to business development, he spearheads executive team development, focusing on client engagement training, sales enhancement, and the overall operational effectiveness of the organization.

With over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Darrin boasts a remarkable track record in sales management and operations, coaching for peak performance and leading successful product launches. Prior to joining COEUS, he refined his skills in building high-performing teams within the biotech/pharma sectors. His past leadership roles with Sanofi, NitroMed, Adolor, Cangene BioSolutions, QuVa Pharma, and Nabriva Therapeutics have solidified his reputation for driving growth and attaining exceptional customer satisfaction. At COEUS, Darrin continues to draw upon his extensive background, helping to steer the organization and its clients to achieve extraordinary success in the competitive biotech and pharma landscape.

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