Post-launch Pull-through of Third to Market Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic

Business Situation

Our client needed to have their new treatment formulation accessible to patients. To do so successfully, they needed to provide healthcare professionals with the information for appropriate initiation, coding, and reimbursement needs in both medical and pharmacy benefit situations, as well as pull- through materials for ensuring there were no barriers to prescribing.


COEUS evaluated account performance, feedback, and usage of tools. We determined we had to quickly capitalize on formulary events. Additionally, we built a robust patient services resource and identified geographies with the potential for increased appropriate utilization

  • Program Kit for HCPs
  • Program Training for FRMs
  • Billing and Coding Guide
  • Buy-and-Bill (B&B)
    Flashcard and Video
  • Enrollment/Claims Forms/Tracking Tools
  • Copay Assistance Program Brochure
  • Denied Claim Appeal Checklist and Letters
  • Formulary Coverage iPad Application
  • Hospital Guide/Kit
  • Letter of Medical Necessity
  • Member Appeals Process
  • Patient Assistance Program Materials
  • PA Templates
  • Product Fulfillment Options: B&B, SPP, Retail
  • Product Ordering Form
  • Pull-through Flashcards
  • J-Code Campaign
  • Dose-Mix Calculator
  • LIS Medicare Part D Brochure
  • Formulary Lookup Tool
  • Pharmacy and Physician Finder Tools
  • Alternate Injection Site Finder Application


Through the development of a long-term growth plan and robust set of pull-through activities, the client experienced significant market share growth. In year three, their market share had grown ~50% since launch.