COEUS hires key healthcare reinsurance executive Matthew Paul to its value & access team.

September 21, 2021 – Devon, PA – COEUS, formerly COEUS Consulting Group, a leading healthcare communications, technology, talent, and consulting firm delivering a variety of services and platforms to all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, today announced it has hired Matthew Paul as Senior Vice President, Value & Access. Mr. Paul joins the COEUS team after a successful career within senior leadership in the healthcare reinsurance industry most recently at Skyward Accident & Health, formerly known as Houston International Insurance Group (HIIG).

As Senior Vice President, Value & Access, Matt will be responsible for educating pharma/biotech clients on how the reinsurance market may impact their therapy’s utilization, developing actionable strategies on mitigating risk and building technology solutions that remove barriers to access. In addition, Matt will be responsible for building a new service line and solutions geared towards reinsurers themselves to better reduce their risk and exposure in the market.

“COEUS has worked long and hard to build its reputation as a leader in the market in tying health outcomes together with value-based care delivery in an effort to manage drug spend and ensure that appropriate patients receive the therapies they need,” said Marc Hixson, CEO of COEUS. “Matt’s reinsurance experience in a sector of the market that isn’t clearly understood by employers, manufacturers, and patients will bring tremendous value to all of our clients as they continue to
innovate and pay for drugs.”

Prior to Joining COEUS, while at Skyward, Matt had oversight of the A&H Medical Stop Loss division where he worked closely with producers and internal regional underwriting teams to navigate best pricing and condition setting for their mutual clients. Over the past few years, the business model has changed from providing a rate driven product to being consultative, creative, and collaborative due to the emergence of high-cost drugs and therapies that are simply too expensive for the underlying plan to absorb.

“Over the years I have watched as innovative drugs and treatments have come to market while also watched as insurers and self-funded employers figure out how to pay for them. The market is now at a tipping point. In order to continue to see the innovation in drug development, we have to do a better job at figuring out innovative ways to show their value for the cost they carry,” said Mr. Paul, “without that value, innovation will cease, and many diseases will never see a cure. The COEUS team shares that same passion and drive and I look forward to helping be a part of that solution.”

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Established in 2009, COEUS is a leading healthcare consulting, communications, technology, and talent firm. The company offers clients a variety of services, as well as SaaS technology platforms, for various stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem including all payers and emerging or more established drug manufacturers. Leveraging the deep knowledge and experience of the company’s many subject matter experts, COEUS works on all drug types with a particular focus on cell and gene therapies, rare diseases, and oncology. The company also has unique expertise in the creation and management of value-based agreements by leveraging COEBRA™, the company’s evidence and outcomes adjudication platform. In its 13-year history, the company has supported the launch of more than 120 pharmaceutical brands and has worked with more than 300 pharma clients including many top global pharmaceutical manufacturers. To learn more about COEUS and the company’s offerings, visit

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