COEUS partners with Datavant to advance outcomes-based contracting and commercial insights.

August 31, 2021 – Devon, PA – COEUS, formerly COEUS Holdings, a leading healthcare communications, technology, talent, and consulting firm delivering a variety of services and platforms to all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, today announced a strategic partnership with Datavant, the leader in privacy-compliant health data exchange, to advance their biopharmaceutical value-based contracting and commercial insights platform.

COEUS HealthCare’s recently launched COEBRA platform supports the healthcare industry’s movement towards value by demonstrating the clinical and cost effectiveness of life-saving products. The platform helps payers, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and life sciences companies design and operationalize outcomes-based contracts. COEBRA enables cost-benefit modeling of new therapies and contract adjudication by measuring patient outcomes over time.

Datavant will support connectivity of the COEBRA platform to its vast ecosystem of health data partners. Using Datavant, COEUS will be able to create de-identified longitudinal patient journeys consisting of payer medical and pharmacy claims, specialized labs, imaging, and other data.

“Success in outcomes-based contracts is contingent upon precisely defining a specific group of patients and analyzing a complete record of their health in order to predict and measure their outcomes,” said Marc Hixson, CEO of COEUS Holdings. “By leveraging Datavant, COEUS’ life science clients will be able to connect custom tailored lab, claims, and electronic health record data sets for rare disease populations that are often difficult to identify in data sets.”

Datavant will also power the data connectivity of COEUS’ new life sciences commercial insights platform enabling life sciences companies to de-identify and link data from digital and disease management programs to specialty pharmacy claims, website visits, and clinic visits. The result is the creation of a 360-degree view of each patient, improving the precision and effectiveness of sales, marketing, and market access teams. “Traditionally commercial functions like marketing, sales and market access keep their data in silos, but Datavant allows us to de-identify and connect all that patient data, so the commercial team’s efforts are more targeted and yield a better patient experience,” said Hixson.

“As important as outcomes based contracting and tailored patient engagement are to the sustainability of our healthcare system, they have been held back by the absence of complete patient data. We’re proud to support COEUS in de-identifying and connecting the health data needed to understand the entirety of factors affecting patient health and speed the adoption of value-based agreements and tailored patient engagement programs,” said Travis May, President and Co-founder of Datavant.


Established in 2009, COEUS is a leading healthcare consulting, communications, technology, and talent firm. The company offers clients a variety of services, as well as SaaS technology platforms, for various stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem including all payers and emerging or more established drug manufacturers. Leveraging the deep knowledge and experience of the company’s many subject matter experts, COEUS works on all drug types with a particular focus on cell and gene therapies, rare diseases, and oncology. The company also has unique expertise in the creation and management of value-based agreements by leveraging COEBRA™, the company’s evidence and outcomes adjudication platform. In its 13-year history, the company has supported the launch of more than 120 pharmaceutical brands and has worked with more than 300 pharma clients including many top global pharmaceutical manufacturers. To learn more about COEUS and the company’s offerings, visit

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